Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683283
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents How to Turn On the Functional Safety Separation Flow

Every safety-related IP component in your design should be implemented in a partition(s) so the safety IPs are protected from recompilation. Use the global assignment PARTITION_ENABLE_STRICT_PRESERVATION to identify safety IP in your design.
set_global_assignment -name PARTITION_ENABLE_STRICT_PRESERVATION <ON/OFF> -section_id <partition_name>

When this global assignment is designated as ON for a partition, the partition is protected from recompilation, exported as a safety IP, and included in the safety IP POF mask. Specifying the value as ON for any partition turns on the functional safety separation flow.

When this global assignment is designated as OFF, the partition is considered as standard IP or as not having a PARTITION_ENABLE_STRICT_PRESERVATION assignment at all. Logic that is not assigned to a partition is considered as part of the top partition and treated as standard logic.

Note: Only partitions and I/O pins can be assigned to SIP.

A partition assigned to safety IP can contain safety logic only. If the parent partition is assigned to a safety IP, then all the child partitions for this parent partition are considered as part of the safety IP. If you do not explicitly specify a child partition as a safety IP, a critical warning notifies you that the child partition is treated as part of a safety IP.

A design can contain several safety IPs. All the partitions containing logic that implements a single safety IP function should belong with the same top-level parent partition.

You can also turn on the functional safety separation flow from the Design Partition Properties dialog box. Click the Advanced tab and turn on Allow partition to be strictly preserved for safety.

When the functional safety separation flow is active, you can view which partitions in your design have the Strict Preservation property turned on. The Design Partitions window displays a on or off value for safety IP in your design (in the Strict Preservation column).