Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683283
Date 10/22/2021
Document Table of Contents Exporting and Importing Your Safety IP

Safety IP Partition Export

After you have successfully compiled the safety IP(s) in the Quartus® Prime software, save the safety IP partition place and route information for use in any subsequent design modification flow. Saving the partition information allows the safety IP to be imported to a clean Quartus® Prime project where no previous compilation results have been removed (even if the version of the Quartus® Prime software being used is newer than the Quartus® Prime software version with which the safety IP was originally compiled). Use the Design Partitions window to export the design partition. Verify that only the post-fit netlist and export routing options are turned on when you generate the .qxp file for each safety IP. The .qxp files should be archived along with the partial bitstream files for use in later design modification flow compiles.

Safety IP Partition Import

You can import a previously exported safety IP partition into your Quartus® Prime project. There are two use-cases for this.

  • (Optional) Import into the original project to ensure that any potential source code changes do not trigger the design creation flow unintentionally.
  • Import into a new or clean project where you want to use the design modification flow for the safety IP. As the exported partition is independent of your Quartus® Prime software version, you can import the .qxp into a future Quartus® Prime software release.

To import a previously exported design partition, use the Design Partitions window and import the .qxp.