Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683283
Date 10/22/2021
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2.6.4. Partition Statistics Report

You can view statistics about design partitions in the Partition Merge Partition Statistics report and the Statistics tab of the Design Partitions Properties dialog box. These reports are useful when optimizing your design partitions, or when compiling the completed top-level design in a team-based compilation flow to ensure that partitions meet the guidelines discussed in this manual.

The Partition Merge Partition Statistics report in the Partition Merge section of the Compilation report lists statistics about each partition. The statistics for each partition (each row in the table) include the number of logic cells, as well as the number of input and output pins and how many are registered. This report also lists how many ports are unconnected, or driven by a constant VCC or GND. You can use this information to assess whether you have followed the guidelines for partition boundaries.

You can also view statistics about the resource and port connections for a particular partition on the Statistics tab of the Design Partition Properties dialog box. The Show All Partitions button allows you to view all the partitions in the same report. The Partition Merge Partition Statistics report also shows statistics for the Internal Congestion: Total Connections and Registered Connections. This information represents how many signals are connected within the partition. It then lists the inter-partition connections for each partition, which helps you to see how partitions are connected to each other.