Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683283
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents Creating Floorplan Location Assignments With Tcl Commands—Excluding or Filtering Certain Device Elements (Such as RAM or DSP Blocks)

To assign a code block to a LogicLock region, with exclusions, use the following command:
set_logiclock_contents -region <LogicLock region name> \
-to <block> -exceptions \"<keyword>:<keyword>"
  • <LogicLock region name>—The name of the LogicLock region to which the code block is assigned.
  • <block>—A code block in a Intel® Quartus® Prime project hierarchy, which can also be a design partition.
  • <keyword>—The list of exceptions made during assignment. For example, if DSP was in the keyword list, the named block of code would be assigned to the LogicLock region, except for any DSP block within the code block. You can include the following exceptions in the set_logiclock_contents command:

Keyword variables:

  • REGISTER—Any registers in the logic cells.
  • COMBINATIONAL—Any combinational elements in the logic cells.
  • SMALL_MEM—Small TriMatrix memory blocks (M512 or MLAB).
  • MEDIUMEM_MEM—Medium TriMatrix memory blocks (M4K or M9K).
  • LARGE_MEM—Large TriMatrix memory blocks (M-RAM or M144K).
  • DSP—Any DSP blocks.
  • VIRTUAL_PIN—Any virtual pins.
Note: Resource filtering uses the optional Tcl argument -exclude_resources in the set_logiclock_contents function. If left unspecified, no resource filter is created. In the .qsf, resource filtering uses an extra LogicLock membership assignment called LL_MEMBER_RESOURCE_EXCLUDE. For example, the following line in the .qsf is used to specify a resource filter for the alu:alu_unit entity assigned to the ALU region.
set_instance_assignment -name LL_MEMBER_RESOURCE_EXCLUDE \
"DSP:SMALL_MEM" -to "alu:alu_unit" -section_id ALU