F-tile Architecture and PMA and FEC Direct PHY IP User Guide

ID 683872
Date 12/15/2021

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3.4.4. RS-FEC Signals

Table 41.  RS-FEC Signals
Signal Name Clocks Domain/Resets Direction Description
rsfec_status_rx_not_deskew asynchronous output All RX lanes locked but the alignment markers were not unique or the skew was too large. Only applicable in multi-lane.
rsfec_status_rx_not_locked asynchronous output RX lane not locked. Not locked to alignment and codeword markers or RS-FEC codewords (when not using markers). Only applicable in multi-lane.
rsfec_status_rx_not_align asynchronous output Incoming signal fail, RX lanes not all locked, alignment markers not unique or skew too large. Only applicable in multi-lane.
rsfec_sf asynchronous output Signal fail, low means RS-FEC is aligned(fec_ready is high and rsfec_status_not_aligned is low)
fec_snapshot asynchronous input Takes a snap of RS-FEC status to CSR, uses Avalon® memory-mapped to read the content. To avoid a SSR variation delay between different streams in aggregate mode for RS-FEC error counters across multiple streams, stop traffic before taking the snapshot.