F-tile Architecture and PMA and FEC Direct PHY IP User Guide

ID 683872
Date 12/15/2021

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8.1.1. Collection View

The Collection view consists of three main panes:
  • Status Table: You can view and configure channels from different instances in a single view. You can select the channels you want to configure and display in the Channel Parameters. By choosing the desired channels, right-clicking, and exploring the Actions sub-menu, you can perform bulk actions across multiple channels.
  • Toolkit Parameters: You can define the path of the transceiver channel placement JSON file of the project. The auto refresh period, autosweep, and eye viewer settings are going to be enabled in future Intel® Quartus® Prime software versions.
  • Channel Parameters: You can control and monitor channels settings and status in one tab. You can start and stop tests by clicking the Start and Stop buttons. When you select more than one channel, you can view all channels in one tab by adjusting the number of columns. You can also control the width of the column and height of the row to fit all the channels in one tab.
The following figure shows the Collection view of the F-Tile transceiver toolkit GUI.
Figure 118. Collection View Tab of the F-Tile Transceiver Toolkit GUI