Intel® Agilex™ General-Purpose I/O and LVDS SERDES User Guide

ID 683780
Date 10/29/2021

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2.4.1. Configuring I/O Assignments in Intel® Quartus® Prime Software

The following table lists the assignment names for programmable IOE settings that you can use in assignment editor and pin planner.
Table 16.   Intel® Agilex™ Programmable IOE Features Settings and Assignment Name

Intel® Quartus® Prime

Assignment Name


Slew Rate Control Slew Rate 0 (Slow), 1 (Medium), 2(Fast). Default is 2.
I/O Delay

Input Delay Chain Setting

Output Delay Chain Setting

Refer to the device data sheet
Open-Drain Output Auto Open-Drain Pins On, Off. Default is Off
Bus-Hold Enable Bus-Hold Circuitry On, Off. Default is Off. Disabled if you use the weak pull-up resistor feature.
Weak Pull-up Resistor Weak Pull-Up Resistor On, Off. Default is Off. Disabled if you use the bus-hold feature.
Pre-emphasis Programmable Pre-emphasis 0 (Off), 1 (Low Power), 2 (Const Z). Default is 1.
De-emphasis Programmable De-emphasis High, High Const Z, Low, Low Const Z, Medium, Medium Const Z, OFF. Default is OFF.
Differential Output Voltage Programmable Differential Output Voltage (VOD) 0 (low), 1 (medium low), 2 (medium high), 3 (high). Default is 2.
Schmitt Trigger Input Buffer Schmitt Trigger On, Off. Default is On.