Intel® Agilex™ General-Purpose I/O and LVDS SERDES User Guide

ID 683780
Date 10/29/2021

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Document Table of Contents Configuring I/O Standards Using Pin Planner

You can use the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pin Planner for I/O pin assignment planning, assignment, and validation:
  1. In the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, click Assignments > Pin Planner to open the pin planner tool.
    Figure 12. Pin Planner Tool
  2. At the bottom of the pin planner window, in the Node Name column, search for the pin that you want to configure.
  3. In the Location column, select the desired pin location for a specific pin from the drop-down list.
  4. When you select a pin location, the I/O Bank column shows the I/O bank name where the pin resides. The I/O banks are differentiated by colors shown in the Top View - Flip Chip diagram.
  5. In the I/O Standard column, select the desired I/O standards from the drop-down list.
    Note: If you select True Differential Signaling as the I/O standard, a negative node is automatically added into the list with a specific pin location.

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