Stratix V Device Handbook: Volume 2: Transceivers

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Date 11/23/2021
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1.6. Document Revision History

The revision history for this chapter.
Table 14.  Document Revision History
Date Version Changes
January 2016 2016.01.11 Made the following changes:
  • Added a note to the "Receiver FIFO" section.
  • Added a note to the "Transmitter FIFO" section.
September 2014 2014.09.30
  • Added a link to Altera mySupport in the Link Coupling section.
  • Added a note to the 10G PCS Datapath in Stratix V GX Channels figure.
  • Added a note to the Rate Match (Clock Compensation) FIFO section.
  • Added the "Word Aligner in Deterministic Latency State Machine Mode" section and updated the Manual Mode description in the Word Aligner section.
  • Removed the values for Word Alignment Pattern Length in Bit-Slip mode in the Word Aligner Options table.
  • Removed XAUI Mode and PCIe Mode from the Receiver Phase Compensation FIFO section.
  • Added the following columns to the Transceiver Calibration Block Boundary for Stratix V Devices table:
    • Package
    • Total Number of Transceiver channels in device
    • Total Number of Transceiver Channels per Side
  • Changed the description of the receiver phase compensation FIFO.
  • Added the Phase Compensation Mode section.
  • Added the Registered Mode section.
  • Added the Receiver Inversion section.
  • Added the Transmitter Inversion section.
  • Changed "MegaWizard Plug-in Manager" to "IP catalog" in the 10G PCS Architecture section.
  • Updated the PCIe Gen3 PCS Top Level Block Diagram to show the pld_rx_clk as an input to the Phase Compensation FIFO block.
January 2014 2014.01.07
  • Updated the Stratix V GX/GT Channel and PCIe Hard IP Layout section.
  • Updated the Stratix V GS Channel and PCIe Hard IP Layout section.
  • Updated the Channel Variants section.
  • Updated the GS/GT/GX Device Variants and Packages section.
  • Updated the Receiver Equalizer Gain Bandwidth section.
October 2013 2013.10.11
  • Updated the Word Aligner section.
  • Updated the Lock-to-Reference Mode section.
May 2013 2013.05.06
  • Added link to the known document issues in the Knowledge Base
  • Updated Figure 1-10.
  • Updated Figure 1-15.
  • Updated the Receiver Deserializer section.
  • Updated the Continuous Time Linear Equalization section.
  • Added the GS/GT/GX Device Variants and Packages section.
  • Added the Stratix V GS Channel and PCIe Hard IP Layout section.
  • Updated Figure 1-17.
  • Updated Figure 1-18.
  • Updated Figure 1-30.
  • Added the PRBS Verifier section.
  • Added the PRBS Generator section.
  • Added the PRP Verifier section.
  • Added the Serial Bit Checker section.
  • Updated the Decision Feedback Equalization section.
  • Updated the Transmitter Analog Settings section.
  • Updated the Receiver PMA Bit-Slip section.
  • Updated the ATX PLL Calibration section.
  • Updated the Calibration Block Boundary section.
  • Updated Figure 1-20.
  • Updated the 8B/10B Decoder section.
  • Updated the Transmitter Phase Compensation FIFO section.
December 2012 2012.12.17 Reorganized content and updated template .
June 2012 2.3
  • Updated Figure 1–6, Figure 1–10, and Figure 1–11.
  • Updated Table 1–3
  • Updated “Stratix V Device Layout”, “PMA Architecture”, “Standard PCS Architecture” and “10G PCS Architecture” sections.
  • Updated Table 1–2, Table 1–4, Table 1–1, and Table 1–5.
  • Updated Figure 1–1, Figure 1–3, Figure 1–4, Figure 1–8, and Figure 1–21.
  • Updated “Transmitter Polarity Inversion” section.
  • Added “PCIe Gen3 PCS Architecture” section.
February 2012 2.2
  • Updated Figure 1–1.
  • Updated “Transmitter Polarity Inversion” section.