Cyclone V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

ID 683375
Date 7/05/2022
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7.13.4. Security Modes

Table 103.  Supported Security Modes

There is no impact to the configuration time required when compared with unencrypted configuration schemes except FPP with AES (and/or decompression), which requires a DCLK that is up to ×4 the data rate.

Security Mode Tamper Protection Bit Setting Device Accepts Unencrypted File Device Accepts Encrypted File Security Level
No key Yes No
Volatile Key Yes Yes Secure
Volatile Key with Tamper Protection Bit Set Set No Yes Secure with tamper resistant
Non-volatile Key Yes Yes Secure
Non-volatile Key with Tamper Protection Bit Set Set No Yes Secure with tamper resistant
The use of unencrypted configuration bitstream in the volatile key and non-volatile key security modes is supported for board-level testing only.
Note: For the volatile key with tamper protection bit set security mode, Cyclone® V devices do not accept the encrypted configuration file if the volatile key is erased. If the volatile key is erased and you want to reprogram the key, you must use the volatile key security mode.

Enabling the tamper protection bit disables the test mode in Cyclone® V devices and disables programming through the JTAG interface. This process is irreversible and prevents Altera from carrying out failure analysis.

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