Cyclone® V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

ID 683375
Date 10/18/2023
Document Table of Contents Guideline: Using LVDS Differential Channels

If you use LVDS channels, adhere to the following guidelines.

LVDS Channel Driving Distance

Each PLL can drive all the LVDS channels located at the same edge of the chip.

Using Both Corner PLLs

You can use both corner PLLs to drive LVDS channels simultaneously. You can use a corner PLL to drive all the transmitter channels and the other corner PLL to drive all the receiver channels in the same I/O bank. Both corner PLLs can drive duplex channels in the same I/O bank if the channels that are driven by each PLL are not interleaved. You do not require separation between the groups of channels that are driven by both corner PLLs.

Note: The figures in this section show guidelines for using corner PLLs but do not necessarily represent the exact locations of the high-speed LVDS I/O banks.
Figure 73. Corner PLLs Driving LVDS Differential I/Os in the Same Bank
Figure 74. Invalid Placement of Differential I/Os Due to Interleaving of Channels Driven by the Corner PLLs