Cyclone V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

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Date 7/05/2022
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7.6.3. Transmitting Configuration Data

This section describes how to transmit configuration data when you are using .rbf file for FPP x8, x16, and x32 configuration schemes. The configuration data in the .rbf file is little endian.

For example, if the .rbf file contains the byte sequence 02 1B EE 01, refer to the following tables for details on how this data is transmitted in the FPP x8, x16, and x32 configuration schemes.

Table 97.  Transmitting Configuration Data for FPP x8 Configuration SchemeIn FPP x8 configuration scheme, the LSB of a byte is BIT0, and the MSB is BIT7.
BYTE0 = 02 BYTE1 = 1B BYTE2 = EE BYTE3 = 01
D[7..0] D[7..0] D[7..0] D[7..0]
0000 0010 0001 1011 1110 1110 0000 0001
Table 98.  Transmitting Configuration Data for FPP x16 Configuration SchemeIn FPP x16 configuration scheme, the first byte in the file is the LSB of the configuration word, and the second byte in the file is the MSB of the configuration word.
WORD0 = 1B02 WORD1 = 01EE
LSB: BYTE0 = 02 MSB: BYTE1 = 1B LSB: BYTE2 = EE MSB: BYTE3 = 01
D[7..0] D[15..8] D[7..0] D[15..8]
0000 0010 0001 1011 1110 1110 0000 0001

Ensure that you do not swap the upper bits or bytes with the lower bits or bytes when performing the FPP configuration. Sending incorrect configuration data during the configuration process may cause unexpected behavior on the CONF_DONE signal.

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