HDMI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683798
Date 4/22/2022

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9.4.1. HDMI Sink CV2AXI Register Summary

Table 147.  HDMI Sink CV2AXI Register Summary
Base Address 0x100
Address Register Description
0x50 STATUS CV2AXI status register

Refer to Table: STATUS (0x50).

0x51 RESERVED Reserved
0x52 ACTIVE_SAMPLE_COUNT CV2AXI active sample count

Refer tp Table: ACTIVE SAMPLE COUNT (0x52).

0x53 F0_ACTIVE_LINE_COUNT CV2AXI F0 active line count

Refer to Table: F0_ACTIVE_LINE_COUNT (0x53).

0x54 F1_ACTIVE_LINE_COUNT CV2AXI F1 active line count.

Refer to Table: F1_ACTIVE_LINE_COUNT (0x54).

0x55 TOTAL_SAMPLE_COUNT CV2AXI total sample count.

Refer to Table: TOTAL_SAMPLE_COUNT (0x55).

0x56 F0_TOTAL_LINE_COUNT CV2AXI F0 total line count.

Refer to Table: F0_TOTAL_LINE_COUNT (0x56).

0x57 F1_TOTAL_LINE_COUNT CV2AXI F1 total line count.

Refer to Table: F1_TOTAL_LINE_COUNT (0x57)

0x58 - 0x5B RESERVED Reserved
0x5C COLOR_PATTERN CV2AXI color pattern.

Refer to Table: COLOR_PATTERN (0x5C).

0x5D – 0x63 RESERVED Reserved
0x64 CONTROL CV2AXI control register.

Refer to Table: Control (0x64)

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