Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

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Date 4/04/2022
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24.7. Warp Lite IP Line Store

The Warp Lite IP uses an on-chip RAM line store to provide the random access required when applying the inverse mapping from the output space to the input space. The maximum distortion, maximum line width, and number of bits per symbol determine the size of this line store.

The line store stores a fixed number of input lines at any one time. The IP configures the line store as dual-port RAM. The number of lines depends on the maximum distortion and the maximum resolution width. You select the required distortion from the configuration parameters.

Table 79.  Line Buffer Requirement and M20K Usage for Max Correction Factors (1080p)The table shows the number of lines generated
Percentage Distortion Not paired with VFB Paired with VFB
Line Buffers Required M20K Required Line Buffers Required M20K Required
5 16 64 12 48
10 32 128 23 92
15 48 192 35 140
20 64 256 47 188
25 81 324 60 240
30 100 400 74 296