Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
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23.3.1. Loading the Project and Connecting to the Hardware

To connect to the Trace System, System Console needs access to the hardware and to the information about what the board does.

To enable access for System Console, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the host.
    • Connect the On-Board USB-Blaster II to the host with the USB cable.
    • Connect the JTAG pins to the host with a USB-Blaster, Ethernet Blaster, or a similar cable.
  2. Start System Console and make sure that it detects your device.
    This figure shows the System Explorer pane with the connections and devices folders expanded, with an On-Board USB-Blaster II cable connected. The individual connections appear in the connections folder, in this case the JTAG connection and the direct USB connections provided by the USB-Blaster II. System Console discovers which connections go to the same device and creates a node in the devices folder for each unique device which visible at any time. If both connections go to the same device, then the device only appears once.
  3. Load your design into System Console.
    • In the System Console window, on the File menu, select Load Design. Open the Intel® Quartus® Prime Project File (.qpf) for your design.
    • From the System Console TCL shell, type the following command:
    You will get a full list of loaded designs by opening the designs’ node within the System Explorer pane on the System Console window, or by typing the following command on the System Console TCL shell:
    [get_service_paths design]
  4. After loading your design, link it to the devices detected by System Console.
    • In the System Console window, right click on the device folder, and click Link device to. Then select your uploaded design. If your design has a JTAG USERCODE, System Console is able to match it to the device and automatically links it after the design is loaded.
      Note: To set a JTAG USERCODE, in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, under Device Assignments menu, click Device and Pin Options > General Category, and turn on Auto Usercode.
    • From the System Console TCL shell, type the following command to manually link the design:
      [design_link <design> <device>]
      Note: Both <design> and <device> are System Console paths as returned by, for example: [lindex [get_service_paths design] 0].
When the design is loaded and linked, the nodes representing the Trace System and the monitors are visible.