Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
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6.1.4. Unsupported SDI Mappings

The key requirement for compatibility with the clocked video units is that the TRS code words be presented in the 10 LSBs of the clocked video interface in the order of 3FF, 000, 000, XYZ.

The CVI can only identify streams demarked in this way. The CVO can only generate streams demarked in this way.

This means that the SMPTE-425 Level B mappings are not directly supported by the clocked video units. Because both Level B-DL and Level B-DS mappings modify the arrival order of TRS codes, these streams must be demultiplexed before clocked video inputs. After clocked video outputs, the streams must be multiplexed together.

Figure 34. Clocked Video Requirements of TRS CodesThe figure below shows that the clocked video units do not handle dual link and dual stream mappings in a single stream (SMPTE-425 level B). Separation of streams must be handled before entry to the CVI. Dual CVO outputs must be recombined into a single stream after the CVO.