Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
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15.2.1. Vertical Interpolation (Bob)

The bob algorithm produces output frames by filling in the missing lines from the current field with the linear interpolation of the lines above and below them.

All color spaces and bits per pixel per color plane are supported.

At the top of an F1 field or the bottom of an F0 field there is only one line available so it is just duplicated. The function only uses the current field, therefore if the output frame rate is the same as the input frame rate, the function discards half of the input fields.

You can set the output frame rate (through the Vertical Interpolation (Bob) deinterlacing behavior parameter) to one of these options:
  • Produce one frame for every field—interpolations are applied for each incoming field to create a new frame
  • Produce one frame for every F0 field or Produce one frame for every F1 field—half the input field rate by producing fields on F0 or F1 according to the selection mode