Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
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3.1.1. Embedded Synchronization Format: Clocked Video Output

For the embedded synchronization format, the CVO IP cores insert the horizontal and vertical syncs and field into the data stream during the horizontal blanking period.

The IP cores create a sample for each clock cycle on the vid_data bus.

There are two extra signals only used when connecting to the SDI IP core. They are vid_trs, which is high during the 3FF sample of the TRS, and vid_ln, which produces the current SDI line number. These are used by the SDI IP core to insert line numbers and cyclical redundancy checks (CRC) into the SDI stream as specified in the 1.5 Gbps HD-SDI and 3 Gbps 3G-SDI standards.

The CVO IP cores insert any ancillary packets (packets with a type of 13 or 0xD) into the output video during the vertical blanking. The IP cores begin inserting the packets on the lines specified in its parameters or mode registers (ModeN Ancillary Line and ModeN F0 Ancillary Line). The CVO IP cores stop inserting the packets at the end of the vertical blanking.