Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
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26.2. Monitor Settings

The capture settings panel of the trace table provides convenient access to the monitor settings.

You can change the monitor settings with the trace_write_monitor and trace_read_monitor TCL commands. At the hardware level, you can access the register map through the control Avalon-MM slave port of the monitor component.

The capture settings panel offers three options.

  • Enable—sends of statistics and sampled data.
  • Disable—blocks the sending of statistics and sampled data.
  • Enable with pixel capture— the monitor starts sampling the actual pixel data in the video data packets, and displays the captured pixels in the detailed event view.

The Capture Rate per 1000000 parameter controls the pixel percentage from randomly sampled data packets. A higher capture rate (closer to 1000000) displays a higher pixel percentage in the sample.

  • If the capture rate is 5000 out of 1000000 pixels, the monitor attempts to sample one in every 200 pixels.
  • If the monitor captures all the 1000000 pixels available, the monitor samples every pixel in the image.
  • If there is not enough bandwidth to sample every pixel in the image, the reconstructed image may have a black and purple checkerboard pattern.

Assign a smaller capture rate value to allow the trace system to send all the debugging information through and avoid the checkerboard pattern.