Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

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Date 9/29/2022
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25. Avalon-ST Video Stream Cleaner IP Core

The Avalon-ST Video Stream Cleaner IP core removes and repairs the non-ideal sequences and error cases present in the incoming data stream to produce an output stream that complies with the implicit ideal use model.
You can configure the Avalon-ST Stream Cleaner IP core to:
  • Remove frames with control packet dimensions not within the specified minimum or maximum values.
  • Remove any interlaced fields with more than 540 lines, for example any interlaced content more than 1080i (which the deinterlacer cannot handle).
  • Clip input video lines so that the output video line length is an even multiple of a fixed modulo check value. This feature is useful for pipelines with multiple pixels transmitted in parallel to avoid any resolutions that generate a non-zero value on the Avalon-ST empty signal.

If you choose to write your own Avalon-ST Video compliant cores, you may consider adding the Avalon-ST Video Stream Cleaner to the pipeline at the input to your cores. The Avalon-ST Video Stream Cleaner IP core allows you to write the code for your cores without considering their behavior in all the potential error cases.

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