Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
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15.2.2. Field Weaving (Weave)

Weave deinterlacing creates an output frame by filling all of the missing lines in the current field with lines from the previous field.

All color spaces and bits per pixel per color plane are supported.

This option gives good results for still parts of an image but unpleasant artifacts in moving parts. The weave algorithm requires external memory. This makes it significantly more expensive in external RAM bandwidth than the bob algorithms, if external buffering is not otherwise required. However, this option does not require any line buffering, making it the smallest deinterlacer configuration in terms of ALMs used.

Note: Progressive segmented video, where each video frame splits into two fields, may not perfectly deinterlace with the weave deinterlacer, because it is necessary to detect which field pairs belong together. To enable the detection of the pairs, select 2:2 detector for the Cadence detect and correction parameter in motion adaptive configurations of the Deinterlacer II IP core.