Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
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A.2.3. Running the Test in Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition

Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition requires different hierarchical paths to run.
  1. When Platform Designer has generated the testbench, make the following edits:
    1. Edit line 27 in testbench/run.tcl.
      27 set QSYS_SIMDIR ../testbench/testbench/sim
    2. Edit lines 28 and 29 in testbench/
      28 `define MM_SINK_WR testbench.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_writes.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_writes
      29 `define MM_SINK_RD testbench.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_reads.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_reads
    3. Edit lines 20, 37, 59, 74, 99, and 112 in testbench/
      20  `define SLAVE_HIERARCHICAL_LOCATION testbench.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_reads.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_reads
      37  `define SLAVE_HIERARCHICAL_LOCATION testbench.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_writes.mm_slave_bfm_for_vfb_writes
      59  `define MASTER_HIERARCHY_NAME testbench.mm_master_bfm_for_mixer_control.mm_master_bfm_for_mixer_control
      74  `define MASTER_HIERARCHY_NAME testbench.mm_master_bfm_for_vfb_control.mm_master_bfm_for_vfb_control
  2. Run the test by changing to the example video files test or example constrained random test directory and start the simulator. To run the example video files test, type:
    >cd $ALTERA_VIDEO_VERIFICATION/example_video_files
    >vsim –do run.tcl
The test runs and completes with the following message:
“Simulation complete. To view resultant video, now run the windows raw2avi application.”