Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 4/04/2022
Document Table of Contents

18. Configurable Guard Bands IP Core

The Configurable Guard Bands IP core compares each color plane in the input video stream to upper and lower guard bands values.

If the value in any color plane exceeds the upper guard band then the value is replaced by the upper guard band. Likewise, if the value in any color plane falls below the lower guard band then the value is replaced by the lower guard band.

You may specify different guard band values for each color plane. If you enable the run-time control feature, then these values may be altered at run time through the Avalon-MM control slave interface.
  • You may specify the input as unsigned data or signed 2’s complement data. In this case, the IP core converts the data to an unsigned format (by adding half the maximum range) before guard banding, and the guard bands are specified as unsigned values.
  • You may specify that the output data should be driven as signed data but, as with signed input data, all guard banding is done on the unsigned data before conversions to signed output. The IP core converts the output data to an unsigned format by subtracting half the maximum range after guard banding.
  • You may not select both signed input and signed output data.