AN 796: Cyclone® V and Arria® V SoC Device Design Guidelines

ID 683360
Date 3/30/2022
Document Table of Contents

2. Background: Comparison between Cyclone® V SoC FPGA and Arria® V SoC FPGA HPS Subsystems

While the HPS subsystems in Cyclone® V SoC and Arria® V SoC are architecturally similar, there are a few differences in features as listed below.

HPS Features

Cyclone® V SoC

Arria® V SoC

Maximum MPU Frequency

Up to 925 MHz

Up to 1.05 GHz

Controller Area Network (CAN)



Total HPS Dedicated I/O with Loaner capability

Up to 67

94 1

Automotive Grade Option



Maximum supported DDR3 Frequency for HPS SDRAM

400 MHz

533 MHz

1 You can only assign a maximum of 71 HPS I/O as Loaner I/O to the FPGA. For a detailed comparison between the HPS subsystem for Cyclone® V SoC and Arria® V SoC, refer to Differences Among Intel SoC Device Families.