Intel® Agilex™ F-Series and I-Series LVDS SERDES User Guide

ID 721819
Date 11/30/2022
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3. Intel® Agilex™ LVDS SERDES Transmitter

The Intel® Agilex™ LVDS SERDES transmitters are dedicated circuitries.

Each dedicated transmitter circuitry consists of:

  • A true differential buffer
  • A serializer
  • I/O PLLs that you can share between the SERDES transmitter and receiver
Table 4.  Dedicated Circuitry and Features of the LVDS SERDES Transmitter
Dedicated Circuitry / Feature Description
Differential I/O buffer Supports True Differential Signaling I/O standard, which is compatible with LVDS, RSDS, and Mini-LVDS.
SERDES 3 to 10-bit wide serializer
Phase-locked loops (PLLs) Clocks the load and shift registers
Programmable VOD Adjusts the output voltage swing
Programmable pre-emphasis Boosts output current

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