Intel® Agilex™ F-Series and I-Series LVDS SERDES User Guide

ID 721819
Date 11/30/2022

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5.1.3. LVDS SERDES IP Usage Modes

You can implement four usage modes using the LVDS SERDES IP.
  • Transmitter—select the TX option to generate the IP as a transmitter.
  • Non-DPA receiver—select the RX Non-DPA option to generate the IP as non-DPA receiver.
  • DPA receiver—select the RX DPA-FIFO option to generate the IP as DPA receiver.
  • Soft CDR receiver—select the RX Soft-CDR option to generate the IP as soft-CDR receiver.

Each GPIO sub-bank can support one IP instance with a maximum of 12 transmitter and 12 receiver channels. For designs with more than 12 channels, you must generate a new LVDS SERDES IP instance and place it in a new GPIO sub-bank.

Table 10.  Supported Usage Modes with Number of IP Instances in an I/O Sub-bankThis table lists the supported number of LVDS SERDES IP instances based on the usage modes and PLL configurations for one GPIO sub-bank.
Number of Channels Usage Modes PLL Configuration Number of IP Instances


Maximum channels:
  • 12 transmitters
  • 12 receivers
Transmitters and receivers External PLL 2
1–12 Transmitters External PLL 1
Internal PLL 1
1–12 Receivers External PLL 1
Internal PLL 1