Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683230
Date 11/12/2018
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2.7.9. Zoom Controls

Use the Zoom Tool in the toolbar, or mouse gestures, to control the magnification of your schematic on the View menu.

By default, the Netlist Viewer displays most pages sized to fit in the window. If the schematic page is very large, the schematic is displayed at the minimum zoom level, and the view is centered on the first node. Click Zoom In to view the image at a larger size, and click Zoom Out to view the image (when the entire image is not displayed) at a smaller size. The Zoom command allows you to specify a magnification percentage (100% is considered the normal size for the schematic symbols).

You can use the Zoom Tool on the Netlist Viewer toolbar to control magnification in the schematic view. When you select the Zoom Tool in the toolbar, clicking in the schematic zooms in and centers the view on the location you clicked. Right‑click in the schematic to zoom out and center the view on the location you clicked. When you select the Zoom Tool, you can also zoom into a certain portion of the schematic by selecting a rectangular box area with your mouse cursor. The schematic is enlarged to show the selected area.

Within the schematic view, you can also use the following mouse gestures to zoom in on a specific section:

  • zoom in—Dragging a box around an area starting in the upper-left and dragging to the lower right zooms in on that area.
  • zoom -0.5—Dragging a line from lower-left to upper-right zooms out 0.5 levels of magnification.
  • zoom 0.5—Dragging a line from lower-right to upper-left zooms in 0.5 levels of magnification.
  • zoom fit—Dragging a line from upper-right to lower-left fits the schematic view in the page.