Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683230
Date 11/12/2018
Document Table of Contents

1.2.3. Partitions and Floorplan Assignments for Incremental Compilation

The Intel® Quartus® Prime incremental compilation feature enables hierarchical and team-based design flows in which you can compile parts of your design while other parts of your design remain unchanged. You can also Import parts of your design from separate Intel® Quartus® Prime projects.

Using incremental compilation for your design with good design partitioning methodology helps to achieve timing closure. Creating design partitions on some of the major blocks in your design and assigning them to Logic Lock (Standard)™ regions, reduces Fitter time and improves the quality and repeatability of the results. Logic Lock (Standard) regions are flexible, reusable floorplan location constraints that help you place logic on the target device. When you assign entity instances or nodes to a Logic Lock (Standard) region, you direct the Fitter to place those entity instances or nodes inside the region during fitting.

Using incremental compilation helps you achieve timing closure block by block and preserve the timing performance between iterations, which aid in achieving timing closure for the entire design. Incremental compilation may also help reduce compilation times.

Note: If you plan to use incremental compilation, you must create a floorplan for your design. If you are not using incremental compilation, creating a floorplan is optional.

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