Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683230
Date 11/12/2018
Document Table of Contents

7.3. The Chip Planner Overview

The Chip Planner provides a visual display of device resources. It shows the arrangement and usage of the resource atoms in the device architecture that you are targeting. Resource atoms are the building blocks for your device, such as ALMs, LEs, PLLs, DSP blocks, memory blocks, or I/O elements.

The Chip Planner also provides an integrated platform for design analysis and for making ECOs to your design after place-and-route. The toolset consists of the Chip Planner (providing a device floorplan view of your mapped design) and two integrated subtools—the Resource Property Editor and the Change Manager.

For analysis, the Chip Planner can show logic placement, Logic Lock (Standard) regions, relative resource usage, detailed routing information, routing congestion, fan-ins and fan-outs, paths between registers, and delay estimates for paths. Additionally, the Chip Planner allows you to create location constraints or resource assignment changes, such as moving or deleting logic cells or I/O atoms with the device floorplan. For ECO changes, the Chip Planner enables you to create, move, or delete logic cells in the post-place-and-route netlist for fast programming file generation. Additionally, you can open the Resource Property Editor from the Chip Planner to edit the properties of resource atoms or to edit the connections between resource atoms. All changes to resource atoms and connections are logged automatically with the Change Manager.