DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs (Advanced Blockset): Handbook

ID 683337
Date 12/12/2022

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3.4.2. DSP Builder New Model Wizard Setup Script Parameters

The setup script sets name-spaced workspace variables that DSP Builder uses to configure the design

The setup script offers the following options:

  • Fixed-point IP (simple testbench)
  • Fixed-point IP (with Channelizer)
  • Fixed-point Primitive subsystem (simple testbench)
  • Fixed-point Primitive subsystem (with Channelizer)
  • Floating-point Primitive subsystem (simple testbench)
  • Floating-point Primitive subsystem (with Channelizer)
Table 4.  Setup Script Parameters
Option Description
Floating The testbench propagates single precision floating-point data into the synthesizable system.
Fixed The testbench propagates signed fixed-point data into the synthesizable system.
'(simple testbench)' The testbench consists of simple Simulink source blocks.
Channelizer The testbench consists of a Channelizer block, which outputs data from a MATLAB array in the DSP Builder valid-channel-data protocol
'IP' The synthesizable system has two IP function-level subsystems (lP library blocks): a FIR block and a Scale block
'Primitive' The synthesizable system is a scheduled primitive subsystem with ChannelIn and ChannelOut boundary blocks. Use this start point to create your own function using low-level (primitive) building blocks .