Arria V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

ID 683213
Date 7/24/2020
Document Table of Contents

5.8.2. Programmable Output Slew Rate Control

Programmable output slew rate is available for single-ended I/O standards and emulated LVDS output standards.

The programmable output slew rate control in the output buffer of each regular- and dual-function I/O pin allows you to configure the following:

  • Fast slew rate—provides high-speed transitions for high-performance systems.
  • Slow slew rate—reduces system noise and crosstalk but adds a nominal delay to the rising and falling edges.

You can specify the slew rate on a pin-by-pin basis because each I/O pin contains a slew rate control.

Note: Altera recommends that you perform IBIS or SPICE simulations to determine the best slew rate setting for your specific application.

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