Arria® V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

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Date 10/18/2023
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11.9. Power Management in Arria V Devices Revision History

Date Version Changes
December 2015 2015.12.21
  • Changed instances of Quartus II to Quartus Prime.
  • Updated the External Temperature Sensing Diode section to provide the type of diode used.
  • Updated the Arria V GZ Power-Up Sequence section.
January 2015 2015.01.23
  • Added VCC_AUX_SHARED to the power supplies monitored by the Arria V POR circuitry for Arria V SX and ST devices.
  • Added a link to the Arria V and Cyclone V Design Guidelines.
January 2014 2014.01.10 Updated the note to the VCCPD_HPS power rail that current transient at VCCPD_HPS is observed only when the recommended power-up sequence is not followed. To avoid the current transient at VCCPD_HPS , follow the recommended power-up sequence.
June 2013 2013.06.28
  • Added power-up sequences for Arria® V SX and ST devices.
  • Added the current transient that occurs on HPS power rails during power-up
May 2013 2013.05.06
  • Added link to the known document issues in the Knowledge Base.
  • Moved all links to the Related Information section of respective topics for easy reference.
  • Updated dynamic power in Power Consumption for improve clarity.
  • Added description on powering down unused PCIe HIPS in Programmable Power Technology
  • Updated Hot-Socketing Feature with 'When powering up these power supplies, refer to the Power-Up Sequence section of this handbook.'
  • Updated description about power-up sequence requirement for device migration to improve clarity.
  • Updated Figure 11-5 by renaming VCCA_GXB/GTB , VCCT_GXB/GTB , VCCR_GXB/GTB to VCCA_GXB , VCCT_GXB , VCCR_GXB and deleting VCCL_GTB .
January 2013 2013.01.11 Updated the power-up sequence for Arria V GX and GT devices.
November 2012 2012.11.19
  • Added the Programmable Power Technology section for Arria V GZ devices.
  • Added the External TSD section for Arria V GZ devices.
  • Added the Power-up sequence section for Arria V GZ devices.
  • Added the power supplies monitored and not monitored by the Arria V GZ devices.
  • Reorganized content and updated template.
June 2012 2.1 Updated the "Power-Up Sequence" section.
June 2012 2.0
  • Restructured the chapter.
  • Added the "Power-Up Sequencing" section.
February 2012 1.3 Updated VCCP description.
December 2011 1.2
  • Added VCCP information.
  • Updated Table 11-1.
November 2011 1.1 Restructured chapter.
May 2011 1.0 Initial release.