External Memory Interfaces Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683106
Date 12/19/2023

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Document Table of Contents mem for RLDRAM 3

Interface between FPGA and external memory

Table 159.  Interface: memInterface type: Conduit
Port Name Direction Description
mem_ck Output CK clock
mem_ck_n Output CK clock (negative leg)
mem_dk Output DK clock
mem_dk_n Output DK clock (negative leg)
mem_a Output Address
mem_ba Output Bank address
mem_cs_n Output Chip select
mem_rm Output Rank multiplication for LRDIMM. Typically, mem_rm[0] and mem_rm[1] connect to CS2# and CS3# of the memory buffer of all LRDIMM slots.
mem_we_n Output WE command
mem_reset_n Output Asynchronous reset
mem_ref_n Output REF command
mem_dm Output Write data mask
mem_dq Bidirectional Read/write data
mem_qk Input Read data clock
mem_qk_n Input Read data clock (negative leg)