Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Third-party Synthesis

ID 683796
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents

1.1. About Synplify Support

the Intel® Quartus® Prime software supports use of the Synopsys Synplify software design flows, methodologies, and techniques for achieving optimal results in Intel devices. Synplify support applies to Synplify, Synplify Pro, and Synplify Premier software. This document assumes proper set up, licensing, and basic familiarity with the Synplify software.

This document covers the following information:

  • General design flow with the Synplify and Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
  • Exporting designs and constraints to the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
  • Synplify software optimization strategies, including timing-driven compilation settings, optimization options, and other attributes.
  • Guidelines for use of Quartus Prime IP cores, including guidelines for HDL inference of IP cores.