Stratix® V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

ID 683665
Date 10/18/2023
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6.2.3. Pin Placement Guidelines for DPA Differential Channels

DPA usage adds some constraints on the placement of high-speed differential channels. If DPA-enabled or DPA-disabled differential channels12 in the differential banks are used, you must adhere to the differential pin placement guidelines to ensure the proper high-speed operation. The Intel® Quartus® Prime compiler automatically checks the design and issues an error message if the guidelines are not followed.

Note: The figures in this section show guidelines for using corner and center PLLs but do not necessarily represent the exact locations of the high-speed LVDS I/O banks.
12 DPA-enabled differential channels refer to DPA mode or soft-CDR mode while DPA disabled channels refer to non-DPA mode.