Stratix V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

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Date 11/23/2021
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5.9. I/O Features in Stratix V Devices Revision History

Document Version Changes
2018.08.09 Updated the note in Dynamic OCT in Stratix V Devices topic.
Date Version Changes
June 2016 2016.06.10
  • Clarified the example quoted in Non-Voltage-Referenced I/O Standards can support 2.5 V, 3.0 V and 3.3 V inputs.
December 2015 2015.12.21
  • Added assignment name and supported I/O standards in Summary of Supported Programmable IOE Features and Settings Table.
  • Changed instances of Quartus II to Quartus Prime.
January 2015 2015.01.23
  • Corrected truncated sentence in the note about the recommendation to use dynamic OCT for several I/O standards with DDR3 external memory interface.
  • Clarified that dedicated configuration pins, clock pins and JTAG pins do not support programmable pull-up resistor but these pins have fixed value of internal pull-up resistors.
  • Moved the Open-Drain Output, Bus-Hold Circuitry and Pull-up Resistor sections to Programmable IOE Features in Stratix V Devices.
  • Update Open-Drain Output section with steps to enable open-drain output in Assignment Editor.
June 2014 2014.06.30
  • Added footnote to clarify that some of the voltage levels listed in the MultiVolt I/O support table are for showing that multiple single-ended I/O standards are not compatible with certain VCCIO voltages.
  • Added information to clarify that programmable output slew rate is available for single-ended and emulated LVDS I/O standards.
  • Finalized calibrated RS and RT OCT values and updated the RT OCT values for HSUL-12 and Differential HSUL-12 I/O standards.
January 2014 2014.01.10
  • Updated statements in several topics to clarify that each modular I/O bank can support multiple I/O standards that use the same voltages.
  • Updated the guideline topic about using the same VCCPD for I/O banks in the same VCCPD group to improve clarity.
  • Clarified that you can only use RD OCT if VCCPD is 2.5 V.
  • Corrected the topic about LVDS, RSDS, and Mini-LVDS termination to remove the requirement of 2.5 V VCCIO. Only VCCPD of 2.5 V is required for using RD OCT.
  • Removed all "preliminary" marks.
June 2013 2013.06.21
  • Updated the topic about LVDS input RD OCT to remove the requirement for setting the VCCIO to 2.5 V. RD OCT now requires only that the VCCPD is 2.5 V.
  • Updated the topic about LVPECL termination to improve clarity.
May 2013 2013.05.06
  • Moved all links to the Related Information section of respective topics for easy reference.
  • Added link to the known document issues in the Knowledge Base.
  • Removed all references to column and row I/Os. Stratix V devices have I/O banks on the top and bottom only.
January 2013 2013.01.22
  • Corrected the guideline about using the same VCCPD for all I/O banks in a group.
  • Removed references to LVDS single-ended output with single-resistor network (LVDS_E_1R). The Stratix® V devices do not support LVDS_E_1R.
December 2012 2012.12.28
  • Reorganized content and updated template.
  • Added table about the termination schemes for different I/O standards.
  • Updated the SSTL and HSTL I/O termination figures to add VREF inputs for OCT in bidirectional pins.
  • Added OCT diagram for LVDS single-ended output with single-resistor network (LVDS_E_1R).
  • Removed the "Summary of OCT Assignments" table and merged the information into the restructured OCT tables.
June 2012 1.5
  • Added "Summary of OCT Assignments" and "LVDS Channels" sections.
  • Updated Table 5-2, Table 5-3, Table 5-4, Table 5-5, and Table 5-8.
  • Updated "Pull-Up Resistor", "Differential Output Voltage", and "Programmable IOE Delay" sections.
November 2011 1.4
  • Updated Figure 5-2.
  • Updated Table 5-3, Table 5-4, and Table 5-5.
May 2011 1.3
  • Chapter moved to volume 2 for the 11.0 release.
  • Added Table 5-4, Table 5-5, Table 5-6, Table 5-7, and Table 5-8.
  • Updated "Single-Ended I/O Standards Termination", "Differential I/O Standards Termination", and "VCCPD Restriction" sections.
  • Updated Table 5-3 and Table 5-11.
  • Updated Figure 5-1, Figure 5-8, Figure 5-9, Figure 5-10, Figure 5-17, Figure 5-20, and Figure 5-21.
  • Minor text edits.
January 2011 1.2 Updated Table 5-2.
December 2010 1.1 No changes to the content of this chapter for the Quartus II software 10.1.
July 2010 1.0 Initial release.

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