Stratix® V Device Handbook: Volume 1: Device Interfaces and Integration

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Date 10/18/2023
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9.5.1. Minimum EMR Update Interval

The interval between each update of the error message register depends on the device and the frequency of the error detection clock. Using a lower clock frequency increases the interval time, hence increasing the time required to recover from a single event upset (SEU).

Table 89.  Estimated Minimum EMR Update Interval in Stratix V Devices
Variant Member Code Package Timing Interval (µs)
Stratix V GX A3 EH29-H780 3.13
HF35-F1152 3.13
KF35-F1152 3.13
KF40-F1517/KH40-H1517 3.13
A4 All 3.13
A5 3.71
A7 3.71
A9 5.01
AB 5.01
B5 3.85
B6 3.85
Stratix V GT C5 All 3.71
C7 3.71
Stratix V GS D3 All 2.61
D4 EH29-H780 2.61
HF35-F1152 2.61
KF40-F1517/KH40-H1517 3.13
D5 All 3.13
D6 4.33
D8 4.33
Stratix V E E9 All 5.01
EB 5.01