Cyclone V Device Handbook: Volume 2: Transceivers

ID 683586
Date 10/24/2018
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4.1. PCI Express

The Cyclone V devices have PCIe Hard IP that is designed for performance, ease-of-use, and increased functionality. The Hard IP consists of the media access control (MAC) lane, data link, and transaction layers. The PCIe Hard IP supports the PCIe Gen1 end point and root port up to x4 lane configurations. The PCIe endpoint support includes multifunction support for up to eight functions and Gen2 x4 lane configurations.
Figure 65. PCIe Multifunction for Cyclone V Devices

The Cyclone V PCIe Hard IP operates independently from the core logic, which allows the PCIe link to wake up and complete link training in less than 100 ms while the Cyclone V device completes loading the programming file for the rest of the device.

In addition, the Cyclone V device PCIe Hard IP has improved end-to-end datapath protection using error correction code (ECC).