Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683552
Date 9/24/2018
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3.9.2. Signal Eye Margin Testing ( Stratix® V only)

Stratix® V includes Eye Viewer circuitry, that allows visualization of the horizontal and vertical eye margin at the receiver. For supported devices, use signal eye tests to tune the PMA settings of your transceiver. This results in the best eye margin and BER at high data rates. The toolkit disables signal eye testing for unsupported devices.

The Eye Viewer graph can display a bathtub curve, eye diagram representing eye margin, or heat map display. The run list displays the statistics of each Eye Viewer test. When PMA settings are suitable, the bathtub curve is wide, with sharp slopes near the edges. The curve is up to 30 units wide. If the bathtub is narrow, then the signal quality is poor. The wider the bathtub curve, the wider the eye. The smaller the bathtub curve, the smaller the eye. The eye contour shows the estimated horizontal and vertical eye opening at the receiver.

You can right-click any of the test runs in the list, and then click Apply Settings to Device to quickly apply that PMA setting to your device. You can also click Export, Import, or Create Report.

Figure 29.  Eye Viewer Settings and Status Showing Results of Two Test Runs

Figure 30. Heat Map Display and Bathtub Curve Through Eye