Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683552
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents

2.5.1. System Explorer Pane

The System Explorer pane displays the virtual file system for all connected debugging IP cores, and contains the following information:
  • Devices folder—Displays information about all devices connected to the System Console.
  • Scripts folder—Stores scripts for easy execution.
  • Connections folder—Displays information about the board connections visible to the System Console, such as Intel® FPGA Download Cable. Multiple connections are possible.
  • Designs folder—Displays information about Intel® Quartus® Prime designs connected to the System Console. Each design represents a loaded .sof file.

The Devices folder contains a sub-folder for each device connected to the System Console. Each device sub-folder contains a (link) folder, and may contain a (files) folder. The (link) folder shows debug agents (and other hardware) that System Console can access. The (files) folder contains information about the design files loaded from the Intel® Quartus® Prime project for the device.

Figure 6. System Explorer PaneThe figure shows the EP4SGX230 folder under the Device folder, which contains a (link) folder. The (link) folder contains a JTAG folder, which describes the active debug connections to this device, for example, JTAG, USB, Ethernet, and agents connected to the EP4SGX230 device via a JTAG connection.
  • Folders with a context menu display a context menu icon. Right-click these folders to view the context menu. For example, the Connections folder above shows a context menu icon.
  • Folders that have messages display a message icon. Mouse-over these folders to view the messages. For example, the Scripts folder in the example has a message icon.
  • Debug agents that sense the clock and reset state of the target show an information or error message with a clock status icon. The icon indicates whether the clock is running (information, green), stopped (error, red), or running but in reset (error, red). For example, the trace_system_jtag_link.h2t folder in the figure has a running clock.