Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

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Date 9/24/2018
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Table 28.  Toolkit API table Properties
Name Description
columnCount The number of columns (Mandatory) (0, by default).
rowCount The number of rows (Mandatory) (0, by default).
headerReorderingAllowed Controls whether you can drag the columns (false, by default).
headerResizingAllowed Controls whether you can resize all column widths. (false, by default).
Note: You can resize each column individually with the columnWidthResizable property.
rowSorterEnabled Controls whether you can sort the cell values in a column (false, by default).
showGrid Controls whether to draw both horizontal and vertical lines (true, by default).
showHorizontalLines Controls whether to draw horizontal line (true, by default).
rowIndex Current row index. Zero-based. This value affects some properties below (0, by default).
columnIndex Current column index. Zero-based. This value affects all column specific properties below (0, by default).
cellText Specifies the text inside the cell given by the current rowIndex and columnIndex (Empty, by default).
selectedRows Control or retrieve row selection.
columnHeader The text in the column header.
columnHeaders A list of names to define the columns for the table.
columnHorizontalAlignment The cell text alignment in the specified column. Supported types are leading (default), left, center, right, trailing.
columnRowSorterType The type of sorting method. This is applicable only if rowSorterEnabled is true. Each column has its own sorting type. Possible types are string (default), int, and float.
columnWidth The number of pixels in the column width.
columnWidthResizable Controls whether the column width is resizable by you (false, by default).
contents The contents of the table as a list. For a table with columns A, B, and C, the format of the list is {A1 B1 C1 A2 B2 C2 etc}.

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