Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

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Date 9/24/2018
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3.13.2. Data Pattern Generator Commands

You can use Data Pattern Generator commands to control data patterns for debugging transceiver channels. You must instantiate the Data Pattern Generator component to support these commands.

Table 50.  Soft Data Pattern Generator Commands
Command Arguments Function
data_pattern_generator_start <service-path> Starts the data pattern generator.
data_pattern_generator_stop <service-path> Stops the data pattern generator.
data_pattern_generator_is_generating <service-path> Returns non-zero if the generator is running.
data_pattern_generator_inject_error <service-path> Injects a 1-bit error into the generator output.
data_pattern_generator_set_pattern <service-path> <pattern-name>

Sets the output pattern that <pattern-name> specifies.

Value Description
  • PRBS7
  • PRBS15
  • PRBS23
  • PRBS31
Pseudo-random binary sequences. PRBS files are clear text, and you can modify the PRBS files.
HF Outputs high frequency, constant pattern of alternating 0s and 1s
LF Outputs low frequency, constant pattern of 10b’1111100000 for 10-bit symbols and 8b’11110000 for 8-bit symbols
data_pattern_generator_get_pattern <service-path> Returns currently selected output pattern.
data_pattern_generator_get_available_patterns <service-path> Returns a list of available data patterns by name.
data_pattern_generator_enable_preamble <service-path> Enables the preamble mode at the beginning of generation.
data_pattern_generator_disable_preamble <service-path> Disables the preamble mode at the beginning of generation.
data_pattern_generator_is_preamble_enabled <service-path> Returns a non-zero value if preamble mode is enabled.
data_pattern_generator_set_preamble_word <preamble-word> Sets the preamble word (could be 32-bit or 40-bit).
data_pattern_generator_get_preamble_word <service-path> Gets the preamble word.
data_pattern_generator_set_preamble_beats <service-path> <number-of-preamble- beats> Sets the number of beats to send out in the preamble word.
data_pattern_generator_get_preamble_beats <service-path> Returns the currently set number of beats to send out in the preamble word.
data_pattern_generator_fcnter_start <service-path> <max-cycles> Sets the max cycle count and starts the frequency counter.
data_pattern_generator_check_status <service-path>
Queries the data pattern generator for current status. Returns a bitmap indicating the status, with bits defined as follows:
Value Description
0 Enabled
1 Bypass enabled
2 Avalon®
3 Sink ready
4 Source valid
5 Frequency counter enabled
data_pattern_generator_fcnter_report <service-path> <force-stop> Reports the current measured clock ratio, stopping the counting first depending on <force-stop>.
Table 51.  Hard Data Pattern Generator Commands
Command Arguments Function
hard_prbs_generator_start <service-path> Starts the generator that you specify.
hard_prbs_generator_stop <service-path> Stops the generator that you specify.
hard_prbs_generator_is_generating <service-path>
Checks the generation status. Returns:
Value Description
0 Generating
1 Otherwise
hard_prbs_generator_set_pattern <service-path> <pattern> Sets the pattern of the hard PRBS generator you specify to pattern.
hard_prbs_generator_get_pattern <service-path> Returns the current pattern for a given hard PRBS generator.
hard_prbs_generator_get_available_patterns <service-path> Returns the available patterns for a given hard PRBS generator.

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