Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683552
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents <action_list>

List of actions that the Logic Analyzer performs within a state once a condition is satisfied.

  • Each action must end with a semicolon (;).
  • If you specify more than one action within an if or an else if clause, you must delimit the action_list with begin and end tokens.

Possible actions include:

Resource Manipulation Action

The resources the trigger flow description uses can be either counters or status flags.

Table 62.  Resource Manipulation Actions
Action Description Syntax
increment Increments a counter resource by 1
increment <counter_identifier>;
decrement Decrements a counter resource by 1
decrement <counter_identifier>;
reset Resets counter resource to initial value
reset <counter_identifier>;
set Sets a status flag to 1
set <register_flag_identifier>;
clear Sets a status flag to 0
clear <register_flag_identifier>;

Buffer Control Actions

Actions that control the acquisition buffer.

Table 63.  Buffer Control Actions
Action Description Syntax
trigger Stops the acquisition for the current buffer and ends analysis. This command is required in every flow definition.
trigger <post-fill_count>;

Available only in segmented acquisition mode.

Ends acquisition of the current segment. After evaluating this command, the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer starts acquiring from the next segment. If all segments are written, the Logic Analyzer overwrites the oldest segment with the latest sample. When a trigger action is evaluated the acquisition stops.
segment_trigger <post-fill_count>;
start_store Active only in state-based storage qualifier mode. Asserts the write_enable to the Signal Tap acquisition buffer.

Active only in state-based storage qualifier mode.

De-asserts the write_enable signal to the Signal Tap acquisition buffer.

Both trigger and segment_trigger actions accept an optional post-fill_count argument.

State Transition Action

Specifies the next state in the custom state control flow. The syntax is:

goto <state_label>;