JESD204B Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683442
Date 5/05/2023

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4.3.6. Error Reporting Through SYNC_N Signal

The JESD204B TX IP core can detect error reporting through SYNC_N when SYNC_N is asserted for two frame clock periods (if F >= 2) or four frame clock periods (if F = 1). When the downstream device reports an error through SYNC_N, the TX IP core issues an interrupt. The TX IP core samples the SYNC_N pulse width using the link clock.

For a special case of F = 1, two frame clock periods are less than one link clock. Therefore, the error signaling from the receiver may be lost. You must program the converter device to extend the SYNC_N pulse to four frame clocks when F = 1.

The JESD204B RX IP core does not report an error through SYNC_N signaling. Instead, the RX IP core issues an interrupt when any error is detected.

You can check the csr_tx_err, csr_rx_err0, and csr_rx_err1 register status to determine the error types.