DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs (Advanced Blockset): Handbook

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Date 6/11/2024
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3.2.2. Running DSP Builder Advanced Blockset Automatic Testbenches

Generally, for testbenches, click DSP Builder > Verify Design. To run a single subsystem (or the whole design) in an open ModelSim window, click via DSP Builder > Run RTL Simulation. You can use the command line if you want to script testing flows.

  • To get a list of the blocks in a design that have automatic testbenches, run the following command in MATLAB:


  • To load an automatic testbench from the ModelSim simulator, use the following command:

    source <subsystem>_atb.do

    Alternatively, in ModelSim click Tools > Execute Macro and select the required .do file.

  • You can run an automatic testbench targeting a subsystem or a IP block in your design, or you can run an automatic testbench on all of your design.
  • To run an automatic testbench from the MATLAB command line on a single entity, use the command dspba.runModelsimATB.
  • To run testbenches for all subsystems and the device level and set testbench options: in the simulink window, click DSP Builder > Verify Design or type:

    run_all_atbs(<model name>, Run simulation? (0:1), run Quartus (0:1))

  • To run the device level testbench in the ModelSim simulator, click DSP Builder > Run RTL Simulation.
  • To manually refresh the list of subsystems click Run RTL Simulation > Refresh
Figure 23. Refresh