DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs (Advanced Blockset): Handbook

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Date 4/01/2024
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2.8.1. DSP Builder Menu Options

Simulink includes a DSP Builder menu on any Simulink model window. Use this menu to start all the common tasks you need to perform on your DSP Builder model.
Figure 4. DSP Builder Menu
Table 4.  DSP Builder Menu Options
Action Menu Option Description
Create new design New Model Wizard Create a new model from a simple template.
Verification Design Checker Verify your design against basic design rules.
Verify Design Verify the Simulink simulation matches ModelSim simulations of the generated hardware by batch running the automatically generated testbenches.
Parameterization Avalon Interfaces … Configure the memory mapped interface.
Generated hardware details Resource Usage … View resource estimates of the generated hardware.
Memory Map… View the generated memory map interface.
Run other software tools Run Quartus Prime Software Run a Quartus Prime project for the generated hardware.
Run RTL Simulation Verify the Simulink simulation matches ModelSim simulation of the generated hardware by running an automatically generated testbench in an open ModelSim window.
Generate and Run Fast Simulation

Fast simulation provides significantly faster simulation of your design. It creates a copy of your design and then dynamically generates and compiles a software model. You must have the makefile tool cmake available and you must provide the paths to C and C++ compilers. For background information on Software Models, refer to Verifying your DSP Builder Design with C++ Software Models.