DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs (Advanced Blockset): Handbook

ID 683337
Date 7/15/2024
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3.7.2. DSP Builder Designs and the Quartus Prime Project

DSP Builder creates a Quartus Prime project in the design directory that contains the .mdl file when you add your design to the Quartus Prime project.

The Quartus Prime project file (.qpf), Quartus Prime settings file (.qsf), and .qip files have the same name as the subsystem in your design that contains the Device block. For example, DSP Builder creates the files DDCChip.qpf, DDCChip.qsf, and DDCChip.qip for the demo_ddc design.

These files contain all references to the files in the hardware destination directory that the Control block specifies. DSP Builder generates these files when you run a Simulink simulation. The project automatically loads into the Quartus Prime software.

When you compile your design the project compiles with the .tcl scripts in the hardware destination directory.

The .qip file references all the files that the project requires. Use the Archive Project command in the Quartus Prime software to use this file to archive the project.

For information about archiving projects, refer to the Quartus Prime Help.