Intel® Stratix® 10 Device Datasheet

ID 683181
Date 12/08/2023
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External Temperature Sensing Diode Specifications

Table 35.  External Temperature Sensing Diode Specifications for Intel® Stratix® 10 Devices
  • The typical value is at 25°C.
  • The temperature diode characteristics in this table target for three-currents temperature sensing chip implementation. The characteristics can also apply to two-currents temperature sensing chip implementation, except for the ideality factor for L-Tile and H-Tile.
  • Absolute accuracy is dependent on third-party external diode ADC and integration specifics.
Description Min Typ Max Unit
Ibias, diode source current (core fabric, L-Tile, H-Tile, E-Tile, and P-Tile TSD) 10 170 μA
Vbias, voltage across diode (core fabric, L-Tile, and H-Tile TSD) 0.35 0.9 V
Vbias, voltage across diode (E-Tile TSD) 0.56 0.82 V
Vbias, voltage across diode (P-Tile TSD) 0.56 0.87 V
Series resistance (core fabric TSD) < 11 Ω
Series resistance (L-Tile and H-Tile TSD) < 17 Ω
Series resistance (E-Tile TSD) < 2 Ω
Series resistance (P-Tile TSD) < 10 Ω
Diode ideality factor (core fabric TSD) 1.006
Diode ideality factor (L-Tile and H-Tile TSD) 57 1.003
Diode ideality factor (E-Tile TSD) 1.005
Diode ideality factor (P-Tile TSD) 57 1.0108
57 When using lower injection current (two-currents) implementation, the ideality factor is 1.03.