Intel® Arria® 10 Avalon® Streaming with SR-IOV IP for PCIe* User Guide

ID 683686
Date 1/11/2022
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5.9.1. Vital Product Data (VPD) Capability

Vital Product Data (VPD) is information that uniquely identifies the hardware and, potentially, software elements of a system. The objective from a system point of view is to make this information available to the system owner and service personnel. VPD typically resides in a storage device (for example, a serial EEPROM) associated with the Function. Support of the VPD capability is optional. Users can build the VPD capability using the CEB interface. The figure below shows a high-level block diagram of the VPD implementation.

The VPD capability allows the host to access the ROM attached to the device.

Figure 30. VPD Implementation