Intel® Arria® 10 Avalon® Streaming with SR-IOV IP for PCIe* User Guide

ID 683686
Date 1/11/2022
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2. Getting Started with the SR-IOV Design Example

The SR-IOV example design consists of a PCIe Endpoint that includes an SR-IOV bridge configured for one PF and four VFs. The example design also includes a basic application to facilitate host accesses to a target memory. This design example supports simulation. In simulation, the testbench issues downstream memory accesses to the virtual function BAR. The testbench then reads the data written and compares it to the expected result. The test passes if all the comparisons pass.

When you install the Intel® Quartus® Prime software you also install the IP Library. This installation includes design examples for Hard IP for PCI Express under the <install_dir>/ip/altera/altera_pcie/ directory. You can copy the design examples from the <install_dir>/ip/altera/ altera_pcie/altera_pcie_a10_ed/example_design/a10 directory. This walkthrough uses the sriov2_target_g3x8_1pf_4vf.qsys design example.

Note: Starting in the Quartus® Prime 16.0 software release, you cannot simulate or compile SR-IOV designs without a license. Contact your local sales representative or email to obtain a license.